Thousands of people have transformed their lives using the Better Body System, and we’re so excited to feature an awesome transformation story today! We first came across Joy Cagayan’s story when she participated in one of our Facebook contests, and we were so inspired that we wanted to learn more about her Yoli journey. We reached out to Joy, and this is what she had to say!

When did you start with Yoli?

I started Yoli on a Transformation Kit on August 21, 2017.

What made you decide to get started?

I wanted to regain my confidence back, take ownership of my health, and be ME again. In April last year, a week before Easter, I had a serious health scare. While working out at home, I got injured and dislocated my right knee cap (or patella). The injury caused me to be immobile for three weeks. It took three months for the swelling to gradually cure. I was at my heaviest at 150.5 pounds.

What is your favorite thing to eat on Protein Day? What about Meal Day?

Protein Day Favorite: baked chicken breast and cucumber dipped in (organic) hummus.

Meal Day Favorite: I make this recipe called Quinoli: Cauliflower rice with quinoa, mixed veggies, mushrooms, and rotisserie chicken. It’s cooked just like fried rice.

What’s your favorite Yoli product?

I have quite a few, but the top of my list is Vanilla YES.

What obstacles did you encounter on the BBS and how did you overcome them?

What was challenging was that on my 3rd week, I went on vacation. I visited my family and spent a week in Toronto. Even though food was plentiful, tasty, and nonstop, I managed to control my portions and still lost weight. The food plan is easy to follow. I was already on a low carb, more protein and plant-based food plan before I started Yoli. But Yoli is my cherry on top! With the proper nutrition and health guidance Yoli has brought me, I am blessed with what I have achieved with the BBS.

What helped you be successful on the BBS?

Emotional change, discipline, and my team support helped me be successful with the BBS. I’ve never had this kind of support who mentored me and became excited with me to reach my health goals.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on the BBS?

Focus on your goals. With Yoli, you are never alone. We have amazing products, guides, and support that will journey with you.

How has your life changed since you started your transformation?

I found my passion. Yoli has been a blessing. I am always excited in sharing the green box of hope and show why I am ME again. I realized that the only person who can help me with the weight battle and get my feet on track is none other than ME! So sharing my journey is a breeze. I was able to lose a decade of anxiety, stress, and lost the weight. To date, I have lost over 25 lbs.

Is there anything else you want Yoli Nation to know?

Believe in yourself. You are the master of your life. Yoli has created easy, step by step products and processes that cater to every single need. I am transformed, and you can be too.

Thank you, YOLI!


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