If you’ve started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your healthy diet, you may have noticed that some taste better during certain times of the year. Some crops grow naturally during certain times, making them healthier and taste better overall! Because of this, focusing on eating foods within the season is very important. Today we’ll be talking about using seasonal ingredients in your diet!


The first step is to know what’s currently in season for you. If you’re a gardener, you might already know a few! If not, you can check here. From there, you can start basing your meals and recipes off the list. Some things are always in season, such as lemons and limes. For those that aren’t, make sure to take advantage of them when they’re at their best! For example, you might not want to make guacamole during the fall— this is the only season that avocados aren’t at their best. Luckily, most types of squash are doing great this time of year!


Another thing that can ensure you’re getting the best seasonal ingredients possible is by buying local. Whether it’s at the farmer’s market, a roadside stand, or even getting a few extra tomatoes from your neighbor, buying local will ensure that everything you’re purchasing is in season. It also helps support small businesses and growers.

Another bonus from buying local is that you can be more aware of how farmers grow their produce. If you prefer organic, a lot of small farmers tend to go that route. If you want to know exactly how the crops are being treated, consider growing your own! Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby, one that can help provide for you and those around you.

  • Having a lot of recipes in your tool belt can help a lot! Check out our favorite healthy recipes here and find some of your own.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are in season are generally much cheaper. Contribute to your physical health and your financial health!
  • Have a lot of extra produce? Try freezing it! If done correctly, freezing allows you to eat in-season produce out of season. 
  • Want an easy smoothie when certain fruits are out of season? Purchase them from the frozen section. It will be a lot cheaper and taste a lot better than buying produce out of season. Plus, your fruit will already be cold! No ice required.

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