You may have been asked how the Better Body System is different than every other health/weight-loss program on the market. Even if you’ve had life-changing results using it, you may be wondering why it works where other systems fail. The answer is fairly simple: the Better Body System is different because it allows you to eat the things you love, maintain your lean muscle, and see results quickly.

You Can Eat the Things You Love

Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure when it comes to food. Whether you favor pancakes swimming in syrup or a cheeseburger with all the fixings, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could be successful on a program that tells you that you can never enjoy your favorite foods again. Denying yourself of everything you love just sets you up for failure!

That’s why the Better Body System incorporates a Free Day at the every week. We know that to be successful and lose weight, you need to enjoy yourself. Knowing that you can eat what you want at the end of the week makes it a lot easier to follow the program the rest of the week. When you’re on the Better Body System, there’s no shame in enjoying the things you love.

You Maintain Lean Muscle

A lot of weight loss programs focus solely on the numbers on the scale. As long as those numbers are dropping, they don’t care how you’re losing the weight. But unless you’re careful, your weight loss may be the result of losing lean muscle mass as well as fat. This can actually slow down your weight loss progress later on as well as negatively impact your overall health.

The Better Body System uses protein to help you maintain your lean muscle mass as you lose weight. This helps you stay strong and toned, but it can also help your body burn more calories even when you’re not doing anything. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat does, so preserving your lean muscle mass is critical to healthy, maintainable weight loss.

You See Results Fast

Working hard and eating right for weeks on end just to see that you’ve only lost a pound or two can be incredibly discouraging. When it comes to your health, waiting weeks or months to see a tiny difference can defeat even the best of intentions. It’s easy to quit a program when your results are coming so slowly that they’re almost unnoticeable.

But when you see results fast—as fast as the first seven days—it’s easy to keep doing what you’re doing. The Better Body System is designed to help you lose weight quickly so you can feel an improvement in your health in just a few days. Seeing results right away is a great way to stay motivated to transform your life. You’ll love watching your dedication pay off in just a few days rather than waiting months for any sign of improvement.


The Better Body System is unique because it’s designed to help you improve your health and lose weight while still enjoying life. Remember, there are a lot of weight-loss systems out there, but there’s only one Better Body System.