Because getting into the habit of working out regularly can be so difficult, it helps a lot to have workout buddies! Unfortunately, we aren’t currently able to support each other in person. But, the great news is that we have a lot of amazing technology at our disposal! Today we’ll be talking about socially distant workouts and how they can help us get moving, just like the #YoliFromHome Transformation Challenge is encouraging us to.


A great way to connect and work out with others is by using video chat. There are multiple applications that can be used for this! Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Skype are just a few. Call your friends up and talk about what your goals are. Then, workout like you normally would! Switch off who picks what exercise to do and how many reps. Mix it up if you want to! Changing up your workout routine is a great way to keep your muscles and mind engaged.

Aim for at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, whether solo or with your friends and family. This will burn off extra energy, keep your body active, and help you maintain a regular routine during an irregular time.


If you don’t feel comfortable working out through video chat, that’s okay! Another great way to work out with your friends from home is by organizing exercise challenges with each other. Start a text or Facebook group, and decide what you’re going to do at the beginning of each week. Maybe you want to challenge everyone to do 100 squats throughout the week or get up at a certain time each morning to go for a jog. It can be anything you want it to! You can even get creative with prizes. A little competition is a great way to get everyone interested and involved.


If you don’t have anyone that you normally work out with, you can still find ways to be social and get exercise from home. If you find an online tutorial you like, share it to your social media and challenge your followers to do it, too! Or, if you have a favorite fitness coach, check out their links. A lot of people are uploading free virtual workouts that can be done from home. It’s a great way to get active while finding something new and interacting with others! Don’t be shy—everyone has fitness goals they want to work on. It’s a great time to share, more now than ever.

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