Happy New Year, Yoli Nation! It’s time to put those sparklers and confetti away and dig your heels into the new decade. And we have just the thing to help with those resolutions! Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail? Well, we have the solution! Today we’ll be talking about Yoli’s New Year’s promotion and how it can help you succeed!

Get Your Head in the Game

When it comes to our goals for the new year, we tend to focus on the physical changes we want to make. But, if we’re not also changing our mindset, we are more likely to fail. Our promotion is designed to fix that! For everyone that purchases a Transformation Kit from now until February 15 will receive our Better Mind Better Body program for free*. After the program is completed, you will receive a $50 product credit! So, essentially when you buy a T-kit you get a free program AND a free product credit to help you reach your goals. It’s an incredible deal!

Our BMBB program is meant to be followed right alongside our incredible Transformation Kit. It combines the amazing eating plan and our products into a comprehensive training that will boost your mental changes. If you aren’t incorporating those mental changes into your physical ones, you will run into roadblocks that will make your transformation harder.

Keep the Momentum Going!

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail, and they usually fail by mid-February. The BMBB program is designed to last for sixty days! That means that, as long as you start by the beginning of January, you will be working on the program into March. Not only will this make the first two months of your year amazing, it can also help you stay motivated to continue your transformation through the rest of the year! 

The new decade is upon us, but it’s not too late to start your journey to better health— both mental and physical! Click here to read more about the promotion, then place your order in the Team Office or through customer service today!

*If you have completed the Better Mind Better Body program before, you may go through the training again, or the program can be gifted to someone else. People who have already been participants of Better Mind Better Body and have received a product credit may receive product credit for a second time. Login information and access code for the course will be emailed to you within five (5) to seven (7) business days of purchasing your T-kit. This promotion begins December 16th and ends on February 15th, midnight MST. Any T-kit purchases made before or after the promotion window will not be eligible for the Better Mind Better Body training promotion. This promotion only applies to individual Transformation Kits. Each T-kit purchase will be eligible for a separate BMBB training credit.