Did you know that by the middle of February, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned? This could be caused by lack of preparation or unrealistic goals. Or maybe you’re not as invested in your goal as you thought you’d be! Today we’re going to be talking about making the most out of your new year, and how to be passionate about your resolutions.


As important as fitness and financial goals are, it’s important that you set a vision to achieve something fun. Whether that’s visiting a new place for the first time or learning a new hobby, find something that you can fully enjoy doing. By making sure to do things that are on the more fun side of life, you’ll be able to overwhelm yourself less and accomplish more. Remember, balance is key.


Instead of setting a few goals for the entire year, it might make more sense for you to set specific goals for a shorter amount of time. It will give you the chance to focus on one thing instead of multiple, which can help you accomplish more and feel less overwhelmed. 

For example, if you are wanting a physical transformation, break it out! The first three months of the year, attempt a vegetarian diet. The next three, attempt a vegan diet. You can customize it to your specific goals, and even jump to different things. Regardless of how you organize it, breaking your goals up can help you feel like you’re accomplishing more!


When we’re determined, we tend to keep going after we’ve accomplished something big. But, are we taking the time to celebrate what we’ve achieved? You’ve worked hard for this. You deserve to enjoy it! 

Celebration can be as simple as writing your feelings in your journal and as complicated as throwing a party. It’s up to you! As long as you’re acknowledging your hard work and doing what you can to continue the momentum, you’ll be successful. 

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