You see it in the media all the time. Someone will be “punished” by having to eat healthy foods. Unfortunately, this projects the stereotype that healthy eating is boring and insufferable. In reality, any diet can be made interesting! Today we’re going to talk about how to spice up your healthy lifestyle by making eating more exciting.


Iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, croutons, and dressing. Sound familiar? If it does, you need to up your salad game! So many people settle for boring (and less nutritious) salads, not realizing everything you can do to make a more filling and tastier meal. Here are some tips for making a better salad:

  • Use a new salad mix! Spinach, arugula, kale, and romaine lettuce are all salad bases full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Sounds much better than iceberg lettuce!
  • Add in some proteins! Whether it’s chicken, steak, chickpeas, or tofu, adding some protein to your salad can help you feel fuller and also give you the bandwidth to handle your busy day.
  • Try to not go too heavy on the carbs. Instead of croutons, try making cheese crisps in the oven. Or, add in some sunflower or pumpkin seeds for a salty crunch.
  • Mix up your dressings! It doesn’t have to be complicated. Try mixing olive oil with a vinegar of your choice and a bit of citrus. Mix it well, then pour just enough on your salad to lightly coat all of your ingredients when combined. In this case, less is more! If you have a good salad base, dressing isn’t as important.

When you find a healthy recipe you like, you may be tempted to make it over and over. But, by doing that, you run the risk of becoming bored and never wanting to eat that meal again! It’s important to include variety in your healthy diet. Look for recipes that you would want to try and set aside the time to make them. If it’s hard for you to find time to cook, try meal prepping! There are a lot of healthy and delicious recipes that can be made in advance. 

We have lots of healthy recipes on our blog! Check them out here.


Consistency is key, so while we don’t recommend switching to an entirely different meal plan for a day, it is fun to change the kinds of food we eat. If you currently eat meat, try eating vegetarian or vegan for a day. If you’re already a vegetarian, try taking it one step further and eating vegan for a day. Some people even like to do the challenge over a week or a month. You may be surprised by how it makes you feel and how good the food can be!

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