GSS Treat: Passion Pops

Get Slim for Summer is all about transformation, so we hope you’re participating with us! As you work toward optimal health, keep in mind that transforming your life doesn’t mean missing out on delicious treats. Here’s an easy recipe for one of our favorite healthy treats: Passion pops!

Passion Pops


  • Your favorite flavor of Passion
  • Water
  • Ice pop molds


  1. Mix your favorite flavor of Passion with a few ounces of water. Be sure to mix well!
  2. Pour into ice pop molds and freeze.
  3. Enjoy!

Of course, Passion isn’t the only option. (We just love an alliteration, and Passion Pops has a nice ring to it!) Fun and Truth are also great choices for your ice pops. You could also try mixing Yoli drinks. Berry Passion and Truth are a great combo, and so are Grape Açai Passion and Fun. Get creative and see what you like the most.

Want something with a little more protein? We’ve got you covered! Try mixing chocolate YES with almond milk or dairy milk, pouring it into ice pop molds, and freezing it for a healthy and delicious fudge pop!

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