When there’s a storm at sea and the waves are crashing against your boat, it may be hard to feel at ease. This same thing can happen in our day-to-day life. When things get rocky, it can be hard for us to find peace and look at our life in a positive way. Today we’re going to be talking about finding peace in hard times. This is just another way we can overcome obstacles, like we’re encouraged to in this week’s Yoli From Home Challenge.


One of the best ways you can find peace during hard times is by ensuring that you have a good support system in place. This can look like spouses, friends, or even parents. As long as they are people who you trust and have your best interest in mind, they should have a place in your support system. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on other people during hard times! We all need each other in order to survive and stay happy.

Reach out to those you are closest with and let them know what’s going on. Even just venting a little bit can do wonders for your personal ease of mind! They might even be able to help in some way. Just be sure to return the favor when you are able to. One-sided relationships are never fun.


We talk about it a lot, but that’s because it’s so important! When it’s hard for us to find peace, sometimes we need to make it ourselves. No matter how busy your day, week, month, or year is going to be, it’s essential that you carve out some time for self care. Whether it’s a walk by yourself, putting on a face mask, doing yoga, or journaling, creating a self care routine will do wonders. Even if your day-to-day life isn’t peaceful, you at least know that for that few hours during your routine, you’ll be able to have peace. Set aside your anxieties, fears, and responsibilities, and just take some time to be with yourself.


It can be easier said than done, but sometimes when we’re unable to find peace, we have to look at the big picture. You’re going through this now, but think ahead to when it will all be over. How much better will you feel? How much more will you be able to enjoy peace and happiness once it’s over? While it’s important to focus on the present, there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful for the future. As long as you aren’t getting stuck in a negative mindset about your present circumstances, looking to the future can help you tough out the rough stuff of today.

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