*It’s the final week of the Better Body Resolution, and we’ve seen some pretty incredible things over the past six weeks. Transforming your life physically is an amazing accomplishment, and it’s been great to see so many of you working to improve your health.

For our final BBR social media contest, we’re inviting you to share your before and after pictures on the contest post on our Facebook page for your chance to win a prize. Of course, with all of these before and after pictures, it’s important to remember that everyone’s transformation is unique!

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Every Body is Unique

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone’s body is unique. Our genetics vary. Our body fat percentages vary. Our metabolisms vary. Our bodies react to different foods in different ways. We have different strengths and limitations.

On top of that, we each have a unique set of circumstances. We have different jobs. We have different time constraints. Some of us have been sedentary for years, while others are already living active lifestyles. Some people have no trouble finding time to dedicate to healthy eating and exercise, while others are lucky to find a spare minute to grab a glass of YES. Some people are trying to overcome a lifetime of unhealthy habits, and some are working to improve an already healthy lifestyle.

All of this means that when we work to transform our lives, we do so in unique ways. Because no two bodies are the same, no two transformations are the same, either. One isn’t necessarily better than another; they’re just different.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

While we know that everyone is unique, it’s still tempting to compare ourselves to other people. When you’re working hard to transform your life, you may look at someone’s transformation and feel discouraged that you aren’t in the same place that they are. But remember, they didn’t make all of that progress overnight. You’re seeing the results of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, take inspiration from what they’ve accomplished. Change your viewpoint from “I should be where they are, and I’m not measuring up” to “They’ve accomplished something incredible, and if I keep working, I can, too.” This simple shift in thinking will make it much easier to feel confident about your own progress when you see someone who has made an impressive transformation.

Of course, you should also remember that transforming your life isn’t just about your weight or your clothing size. It’s about giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. It’s about feeling better throughout the day. It’s about having the energy to do the things you love. Some people will completely transform their lives without seeing a significant change on the scale, and that’s great! Again, everyone is different, and every transformation is different. Celebrate your journey!



Every transformation is unique, and we want to celebrate yours. Head over to our Facebook page and post your before and after pictures on the BBR contest post by Friday, February 10 for your chance to win a prize!