As humans, we were born to create. But sometimes, we forget that. Creating, and being creative, allows us to give back and put something new into the world. It can be fulfilling and rewarding, while also helping us learn new skills and live a more well-rounded life. Today we’ll be talking about creativity and how to embrace it more in your life!


Sometimes we think that only certain types of people can be creative. But that simply isn’t true! Creativity takes many different forms. Anytime you are thinking of something in a different way, that’s being creative! Whether it’s painting, writing, building furniture, or solving math equations, if you are using your mind to think of something in ways it hasn’t been before, that’s being creative. 

Being creative exercises our mind. It gives us the opportunity to get out of our boxes and look at the world in a new way. Because of this, creativity is essential to our self improvement. It’s important to work out your brain, too!


If you’ve already decided that you’re not the creative type, then maybe you haven’t tried enough activities! It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. Try a paint tutorial you find online, or even follow a paint-by-numbers kit. Try free-writing your thoughts, then organizing them into poetic stanzas. There are also probably some free or cheap craft nights in your area you could attend. Regardless of what it is, branch out. If you already have a creative hobby, get out of your comfort zone. What’s something new you could try?


While embarking on your creative journey, it wouldn’t hurt to bring someone along. Maybe you and your significant other could take dance lessons. Or, get a group of friends together to learn how to knit. Write letters to someone. Being included in your creativity will be a gift for others, and an opportunity for you to expand. Don’t keep yourself from it!

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