A few months ago, we launched a life-changing program—the Better Mind Better Body program! We designed this special 60-day course to transform your life not only physically, but mentally as well. Today we’ll be talking a bit more about the BMBB program and how it can maximize your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Better Mind Better Body program is a 60-day course. It contains prompts and videos that are designed to help you dig deeper into your own mental health. What bad habits do you currently have? What is stopping you from achieving your goals? How do you get past those things? These questions and many more will be asked by some of Yoli’s top leaders, then answered by you! 

Another great aspect of the BMBB is that all answers are private. It also depends on you to complete the tasks each day! Not only will this help make the experience personal and specific to you, it also helps you learn to be more accountable to yourself, like we discussed in last week’s blog.

why pick the bmbb?

It’s called the Better Mind Better Body program for a reason! Not only will this program help you reach the fitness and physical health goals you have for 2020, but it will also give you tips and tricks for pairing those physical changes with mental changes. Regardless of how you change physically, you are going to have a much harder time changing if your mind is still stuck in the same old habits. 

Each day you will log on and complete a task. Sometimes it’s watching videos, sometimes it’s just a bit of light reading! After, you will answer questions designed to help you learn more about yourself. Sometimes you won’t like the answers. But, it will give you the tools you need to recognize the areas of your life you want to improve and will help you recognize unhealthy habits!


Here are some things that BMBB graduates have had to say about the program!

“I was able to understand myself better and forgive myself, too. There are so many bad things that happened when I was young that the emotions of the past are still with me. I never realized that I have been carrying them for the longest time which was affecting my relationship with family and friends. I am thankful that it has improved our marriage and my relationship with our kids and the rest of my family. I can say I am happier now and appreciate life more than before. Thank you!”

“My self-talk has changed and I feel I control my anger better.”

“I really moved from thinking about what I need to do, to doing it. Focused actions.”

“I am an introvert, so going up to people and talking was my hardest activity. Now I even learn to ask people questions when I am talking to them.”

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