If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced plenty of cravings throughout your life. But while cravings can be frustrating, they don’t have to derail your healthy lifestyle. Here is your guide to handling cravings in a healthy way!

Determine the cause.

Before giving into a craving, take some time to think about what’s causing it. Are you physically hungry, or could it be emotional hunger? Remember, emotions like sadness, boredom, anger, and stress can all lead you to crave food even if you’re not physically hungry. If you think your craving is about emotion rather than actual hunger, try to process your feelings rather than masking them with food. By putting your energy into handling your emotions, you’ll find it much easier to resist cravings.

Give it some time.

Cravings may seem urgent, but a lot of them are fleeting. Rather than acting on them right away, wait a few minutes and try to take your mind off of them. If you’re hungry, eat a healthy snack, as being full may be enough to vanquish your craving. Doing something active, such as going for a walk or spending some time in the garden, may also help!

Find a healthy substitution.

Depending on your craving, you can try to satisfy it with a healthier option. Obviously, if you’re dying for a candy bar and you go for a carrot instead, it’s probably not going to do the trick, but there are other options! A glass of Chocolate YES may satisfy that chocolate craving. You could also have a small portion of dark chocolate, which has more antioxidants than milk chocolate. By finding healthier versions of the food you’re craving, you can satisfy your appetite without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle choices!

Remember your Free Meal.

One of the best things about the Better Body System is that the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods is never too far away. Once you’ve been on the Transformation Kit for two weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy a Free Meal that will allow you to eat whatever you want. You can use the knowledge that you can enjoy your favorite treats in the future to stay on-track throughout the week!

We hope this guide will come in handy when you encounter cravings. For more tips for transforming your life physically, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!